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Everything  Everybody  Everywhere in the Universe and Universes is connected and part of each other. 

Physicists are just now beginning to mathematically prove that there are 11 actual, real dimensions to space-time and that there physically, really, is a fabric of vibrating strings, interlaced, a warp and woof of reality called a “membrane” that makes up our Universe and that our universe’s membrane sometimes collides with other universe membranes creating the “big bangs” that result in primordial hyper-matter being released to create yet another, new membrane universe in which, after billions of years, new creatures evolve from their oceans to crawl out and build relationships with each other and their definition of God and then build cities and rockets and then begin to understand The Maker, the real nature of Reality, and their places in it and the Universe as a whole.   ————– rs

Every subatomic particle movement in us was set in motion by the divine  presence and being at the center of everything, absolutely, God knows all in us, about us, down past our core to every minuscule essence of us.  Physicists to this day do not know what makes subatomic particles move, or what set them in motion to begin with.  Perhaps that was part of the creative Big Bang.   Subatomic particle movement degradation may be responsible for many of our ills and perhaps prayer re-energizes that  aspect of our being.  See Noetic Science Page for the apparent connection with how our thoughts actually, physically change reality in and around us.  One of the purposes of this non-denominational website is to put forth the idea that prayer, thankfulness and positive thoughts are of a higher vibrational nature and that they may, can  and do revitalize and realign these subatomic energies within us and around us, and that because everything is really and physically connected through the 11 dimensions of our universal membrane, we can Improve our lives and our World with our very thoughts.

The Kingdom of God is within you.  Really, actually, physically, in every particle of your being.  You are actually connected with God.  That is how the Higher Power Knows All.  He, she, it, they Are actually part of us and we are physically, but an extension of God, like a finger.  That is why each day, I pray:

“God, please help me to keep seeing through your “eyes” keep working through my hands.”

We are one with God.

I cannot help but smile, as I recall Bill Murray’s words in his movie “Stripes,” in which he referred to his Drill Sergeant ( Sgt. Hulka) as the “Big Toe” of their squad.


People all over the World can find us, in part because of the spiritual terms on this website, some of which are below, which are one listed below to help you find us.  You can read them or not, as you wish.

Success and Failure in Your Life, How to Be More Successful, Non-Denominational Prayer, Love

Loving Prayers, Happiness, Prayer Improves Life, Forgiveness, Care, Help Me, I Need Help

How Do I find My Soulmate, Prayers for your Wife, Prayers, Life, How to Attract Positive Things into Your Life, Success

How Do I Become More Successful, How Do I Become More Lovable, Joy, Prayer in Daily Life, Business Prayers

And there are many more terms that can describe what we are doing on this website, which was created to help people, just like you.  We hope that you find somthing that can help you:

Concern for Others, Caring, Prayers for our Planet, How Do I Become A Better Person, Prayers for my Children

Prayer in Daily Life, How to Attract Positive Things into Your Life, Prayers for my Brother, Care for My Fellow Man

Prayers for my Husband, Daily Prayers, Prayer, God, Help, Kindness, Non-Denominational Prayers, Help Me

Success and Failure in Your Life, How to Be More Successful, Loving for Others, Benevolence, Success, Love for Everyone

We continue with other terms that may be of use to you and life.

Help Me, I Need Help, Spiritual Guidance, Love, Happiness, Insight, God, Help, Helping Others

Enlightenment, Prayers, Non-Denominational Prayers, Daily Prayers, Prayers for Family, Science of Mind Highlights

Noetic Science, Spiritual Love, The Secret, The Power of Attraction, Spiritual Life,Forgiveness, Life, The True Nature of the Universe and God, Physicists and 11 Dimensions, Prayer Life

Goge, Jesus, Buddha, Gaia, Mohammed, Vishnu and all the other terms for the Higher Power, we give thanks for giving us the right words of power and magic and helpfulness to reach our fellow man, woman and children.  Help these powerful words to give assitance to those needing it.  All of us do.

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