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Science of Mind is a non-denominational spiritual organization begun in the early 1900s by Dr. Ernest Holmes, an excellent human being who lived to help his fellow humans with inspirational thoughts and writings.  This webpage shares some of his teachings and our own further thoughts on those subjects.  This is a person with a divine light shining through his spirit.  This website was Not created by a Science of Mind person.  I/we are not connected to Science of Mind organization.  Any errors are mine, not theirs. 

We are just barely starting this webpage…we will be adding to it as we can. 

Success & Failure in your life:

Ernest Holmes used to say: “Treat, then move your feet.” Visualize.  Do your visioning and prayers, then get busy doing something, actual physical action in the direction of your vision to help you achieve it.  Do not just sit there and wait for the bars of gold to float down the river and into your lap.  Gold doesn’t float very well on water.  You have to march out into the stream and find them and pick them up yourself.  Claim your future.

You cannot and will not fail, because there is no failure in God.  God made you.  God is perfect.  Therefore, being one with God means there can be no failure in you.

And here’s a thought of Wallace D. Wattles: Every act can be strong and effective by holding your vision while you are doing it and putting the whole power of your faith and purpose into it.


The Power of Prayer and Positive Action:

Right action alone has power and right action is power, and power is God.    ———-Ernest Holmes, from Science of Mind.

You are surrounded by a universal Intelligence that responds to your words and thoughts and feelings.  This is a Science of Mind teaching that parallels The Secret’s Power of Attraction concept that you attract what you think about.  Therefore, think about the good things that you want, and you will attract those wonderful things.  Blessings upon you.






the terms below this line are merely here to help you find this website.  There is really nothing very compelling about studying this list fo search terms, which is only here to aide people in searching for us on their search engines.  Blessings!

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That was pretty good, wasn’t it?  It is pretty easy coming up with the things people might type to find us and our message.  I guess that’s because we feel that God is guiding us.

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Thanks God, that helped a lot.  Now we are going think up some more to help guide people in need to us…

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