Quantum Prayer is a page on the Prayer Improves Life website that speculates on what a Quantum Prayer might be and how it might help you.

Physics right now (2019AD) believes that quantum mechanics and entanglement and “spooky action from a distance” may be the reality and everything else has been comfortable reality frameworks that aren’t accurate.

Quantum theory (which has been tested many times to be reality) indicates that particles don’t exist in any particular way as a physical object until they are observed. Until then, they are in an amorphous state, like a cloud vapor. Until the cloud of probabilities is OBSERVED by someone or something, somewhere, then it becomes real and in a precise physical location. In essence, the probability wave pattern suddenly becomes real and specific in an exact location.

Now then, if that’s not “spooky” enough, imagine that several particles are emitted from a single source at the same time and are propagated through space as an indefinite “fog” in a wave state. Let’s say there are 2 identical particle wavefronts blasting through space (such as photons emitted from a light bulb), going in entirely different directions. Now let’s allow these photon wavefronts from the same original lightbulb to continue for hundreds of thousands of years, at the speed of light, through the cosmos, arriving at 2 entirely different places in the Universe, hundreds of thousands of light years away from the Earth, in the distant future.

Okay. Now, here’s the part that is very hard to understand, much less believe: if some civilization in Universe location 1 suddenly observes photon wavefront 1 so far away from the Earth, where the photon was emitted, and the photon then becomes more “real” by doing something, guess what? Photon 2, hundreds of thousands of light years away from photon 1 and from the original source (Earth) from where it was emitted, will do exactly the same thing as photon1 when it was observed. In other words: the 2 particles are “entangled” and whatever happens to one of them happens to the other AT EXACTLY THE SAME MOMENT IN SPACE TIME.

(which should give all Physicists pause as to what the true nature of spacetime is, and if perhaps dark matter forms a direct link everywhere throughout the Universe?)

Something connects the 2 particles, across our traditional viewpoint of space-time. Something that allows instantaneous connection of observation and reaction between them. They don’t even exactly become “real” until they are observed. But they are connected. Physicists don’t understand how this works yet. Einstein, in particular, called this: “spooky action from a distance.”

The above was proven by Einstein’s own mathematics, yet he did not believe it was true. Subsequent huge scale experiments have proven this theory of quantum mechanics and entanglement to be true and real. So real, that today’s computers rely on it to operate effectively.

So what does this all have to do with prayer?

Well, Quantum Prayer is a concept (from this website) in which you envision something in your life as one of the particles that began life from the same initial source. Then as the 2 (or more) particles separate themselves in a wavefront cloud, moving throughout the Universe, apparently going their own separate ways, they remain connected. Part of the original event of wave-particle propagation. Then you, the maker of a new prayer, imagines the prayer’s subject BEING OBSERVED to come to a successful resolution. And why not? Your brain, acting on the Universe, using your power of imagination, acting on the wavefront particles out there.

Then suddenly, all the other connected wavefront states of particles connected to the wavefront particles you are focused on ALSO COME INTO REALITY as a direct result of you envisioning (observing) the wavefront particles you are influencing with your mind.


Because you observed it happening. You mind influenced the wavefront particles to crystallize into our spacetime, into our reality. Which compelled the entangled particles in the Universe to sweep into reality simultaneously. Why? Because ALL PARTS, PARTICLES, WAVEFRONTS ARE ENTANGLED FROM THE ORIGINAL BIG BANG ACT OF CREATION. IT WAS ALL ONE THING IN THE BEGINNING, NOW AND EVER SHALL BE. Everything has been and will be forever part of one thing: the original super particle. Therefore, everything in our Universe is entangled as part of the same initial particle that became a wavefront of trillions of probabilities, blowing throughout the cosmos as they create spacetime around them.

In other words: your Quantum Prayer can help shape reality, as you imagine the positive outcomes you are searching for. For you, your loved ones, the world, the Universe. You can bring into our reality the effect you want from positive thinking, and therefore cause the entangled particles to come back into our comfortable reality as a direct result of your observing them, and thereby bring about the positive results in related events and objects and particles.

By the way: we are in fact made up of particles and wavefronts.

Imagine the positive outcomes you are seeking for yourself and for others. OBSERVE those positive results in your mind’s eye. That should cause entangled wavefronts to become real and aligned with those you observed.

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