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You were born to add value and wonderment to this World.  You are the creator of your destiny.  Make your future by thinking it.  Seize the day, the week, month, year and your whole life, from this moment on.  There is something magnificent about you, within in you.  You are borne to inspire yourself and others with your postive, constructive dreams.  You can make these happen.


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Words down below this point are for helping your computer find this website.  You really do not need to read further, unless you wish to.  The following words are to help computer programs find the purpose of this benevolent website so that you can enjoy it.

Non-Denominational Prayer, Love, Happiness, Prayer Improves Life, Forgiveness, Care, Help Me, I Need Help

How Do I find My Soulmate, Prayers, Life, Joy, Prayer in Daily Life, Success and Failure in Your Life

How to Be More Successful, How to Attract Positive Things into Your Life, Success

How Do I Become More Successful, How Do I Become More Lovable

In addition, there are other phrases that are what this website is about:

Care for My Fellow Man, Daily Prayers, Prayer, God, Help, Kindness, Concern for Others, Caring

Prayers for our Planet, Non-Denominational Prayers, Help Me, Benevolence

How Do I Become A Better Person, Prayer in Daily Life, How to Attract Positive Things into Your Life

Success, Loving for Others,Success and Failure in Your Life, How to Be More Successful

We are on a roll here, with the Higher Power’s assistance.

Spiritual Guidance, Love, Happiness, Insight, God, Help, Helping Others, Enlightenment, Prayers

Non-Denominational Prayers, Help Me, I Need Help, Daily Prayers, Science of Mind Highlights

Noetic Science, Spiritual Love, The Secret, The Power of Attraction, Spiritual Life,Forgiveness, Life, The True Nature of the Universe and God

We thank you, God, for guiding us in creating these lists to help people find your words of power and helpfulness.

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