Direct Connection with God

Your direct connection with God It doesn’t take magic prayer beads, ministers, a high priest’s ancient breastplate, a gold-plated box with stone tablets, or anything physical.  Other great men, prophets, anointed ones, sacred figures and religious leaders have said: “The kingdom of God is inside you.”  (Or “within:” you).

Knowing that this God connection (or whatever your faith wishes to call this entity: Allah, etc.) is within you, MEANS that you can directly connect.  One of the most natural and simplest feats we are gifted with as humans on this planet.  And how does this direct connection occur?

Prayer.  Personal, peaceful and quiet thought, directed toward and with (to and from) God.  You do not have to undertake a holy trek through the Himalayan Mountains to talk to aged monks in lofty aeries to divine this method.  You do not have to plod through forest jungles to find mystical roots and berries that will give you divine powers.  No.  None of these things.  You simply pray.  That’s your born-with-you-link to the entity that helped create you.