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Prayers That Will Help You in Your Life

Prayer, spiritual help, God, divine assistance, prayer help, spiritual guidance, help, comfort in the storm, assistance, divine light, personal guidance, prayer guidance, help me, I need help, tell me what to do, guide me, love, peace, harmony, non-denominational spiritual prayer, daily prayers, help through prayerThis website is intended to help people who are seeking spiritual assistance.


Non-denominational prayers are one aspect of this assistance.


Our goal is to help people deal with situations in their lives.


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We are not licensed counselors, ministers, priests, rabbis, psychologists or psychiatrists.  For that reason, this is not intended to be an interactive website where you enter a message and then expect The Answer; we are not that wise.  So, if and when you make a comment, it will likely Not be answered by us.  After all, there is a higher power from whom you are seeking your answers and help and we would not presume to do anything to interfere with that direct line of communication between you and the higher power.


We are just people who work for a living; some of us have education in various professions, some do not.  What we share in common with everyone is that we are humans on this planet Earth and every one of us at some time or another faces challenges.  We have found that certain methods of prayer (typically, non-denominational prayer) seem to help with our circumstances, actually, tangibly Improving our Lives, hence the name of this website: Prayer Improves Life.


We are anonymous and do not seek donations of any kind.


This is a part of how we are giving back to others for that with which we have been blessed.


How do we “give back?”


We share with you various real stories of what we have done (how we have prayed and requested spiritual assistance) under certain circumstances and the results that have been obtained.


Perhaps you might try praying as we mention when you are faced with those situations and perhaps that might help you.


What is the worst that can happen?  That your prayer does not work?  Okay.  Has it done any harm, then?  What do you have to lose, but the problem facing you?


We are not any official organization; not even a club.  One person had this idea to start this and several others thought it was a good idea and they have contributed (or are in the process of contributing) real stories of their own to help us, over the upcoming years, to create prayers in various categories to help you deal with your particular situations.


We believe in God, which is known by many different names in various religions: Allah, Buddha, Gaia, Mohammed, Atman, Vishnu, it matters not the name.  What matters is our united faith.  Every man and woman on our planet is related to every other man and woman on our planet.  This has been proven by geneticists, including those working on the Human Genome Project and other grassroots geneticists that have proven that we are all 99.9% genetically identical.  The commonalities we share are far more voluminous than the differences.  We do not seek to “organize” our faith.  It seems that in the act of organizing religion, humankind marks the differences between each of us.


We want to unify and spread harmony, peace of mind, health, happiness and prosperity to all.


So what are these prayers that seem to yield such miraculous results?


Here is a main daily prayer that works well for the founder of our little group:


Click here to go to our Daily Prayers Page.

Click here to go the The Secret page.


Do not allow anything to enter your mind that distracts you from your positive goals in life.  YOU CAN DO IT.


Man becomes what he thinks about.


Focus on good things.  Stop fighting.  Stop resisting.


“What you resist, persists.”  ——— Carl Jung


Focus on trust, love, education.  Don’t be anti-war, be Pro-peace.  Don’t be anti-hunger, be pro-sustenance.  Let your inner voice to clarify what you need.  Energy flows where attention goes.  Do not focus on lack, be pro-abundance.  Ghandi knew all these things which is why he staged peace rallies and faced violence with peace.


It is not your job to change people around you.  It is your job to make yourself.


There is more than enough for everyone.





Words and phrases down below are only search term lists to assist people in locating this prayer website; it really is not intended for anything else, look or don’t it is your choice.


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Daily Prayers and other words are what this is all about and the list continues:


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Powerful words are here to help you find us and this website.


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We appreciate you spending some time here with us; the importance of which cannot be over-estimated.  There are not coincidences.  You are here reading this for a reason: to improve your life and those of others.  Thank you and God bless you.

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